Classic goods also want to upgrade: Half Jacket2.0 Sunglasses

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Oakley is one of the famous glasses outlet manufacturers, Half Jacket was professional sports glasses specifically for athletes, then products launched to the market and gained a lot of publicity, the glasses were praised by many customers. In the view of military fans, they noticed that some American soldiers wearing Half Jacket at the frontline. No matter how good the products are, ultimately they need to develop forward, so the Oakley launched an upgrade version of Half Jacket-Half Jacket 2.0. Based on the previous version, Half Jacket 2.0 blended in the new design and used new materials. Its horizon became more wide and more comfortable.

Let’s look at the lens firstly, the lens of Half Jackets are using HDO high-definition optical patented technology, high optical clarity and high impact resistance. The curved design of the lens enhances the clarity of the edge and also enhances the protection of side part. Iridium coating on the lens surface helps to reduce glare, balance high-definition transparency. After testing, the lens in full compliance with ANSI Z87.1 standard. However, it should be noted that, although the lens can be 100% against UVA, UVB, UVC and other harmful rays, but cannot effectively deal with laser rays and other violations. If the users have this demand, they must be sure to select the relevant professional protective equipment.

The lens of Half Jacket 2.0 can be replaced, according to the actual situation, just a few seconds, the users can complete the replacement of the lens. In these lens, the using of HD Polarized is more effective to against the glare; the SOLFX lens can be automatically dimmed in the sun, it can protect the users’ eyes momentarily. Also, the Oakley provided vision correction and lenses custom service in official website, that is very humanized, but currently this service is not widespread in the domestic.

Half Jacket 2.0 of half-frame frame design, hoping to reduce the line of sight sheltered from lower part of the frame. In the view of material, the frame was made of O Matter material with high durability and pressure resistance, and the weight is very light, it is more comfortable to wear. The frame used 3-point design to maintain accurate optical calibration of lens, in the meantime, to enhance the stability and comfort when wearing the glasses.

The leg part of the sunglasses used Unobtainium patented non-slip material, its main feature is that, if the user’s face and ears sweated, it is still feel good when the material in contact with the face, and will not easily slip, this is better than previous Half Jacket.

When buying Half Jacket 2.0, Oakley comes with the box, brochures, cleaning cloth cover and spare nose pads and so on. We believe that how good the sunglasses are, we must be carefully when wearing the sunglasses. And we should take reasonable maintenance to sunglasses timely so as to extend its life.

As a sport sunglasses, but Half Jacket has other practical use. No matter the daily and outdoor using, or COS players mix with the US military modeling cheap style, obviously they are very appropriate.

Oakley Frogskins Polarized sunglasses

Oakley brand has always been to continue to seek opportunities, technology to win, principle of art in into packaging. By virtue of excellent cheap design, Oakleys has in the world already have 600 patents and 800 registered trademarks, become the hottest brand in the world.

Oakleys classic Frogskins retro style outlet UK design, using O MATTER memory plastic frame, light in weight, suitable for all-weather wear. Plutonite lens material, can block 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light, protect the eyes from UV damage, high definition molecular polarization technique reduceglare. Three point fit style design, so that more comfortable to wear.

oakley sunglasses

Oakley Conductor 6 sunglasses

The Oakley Conductor 6 Sunglasses UV protection technology, lens can filter 100% of ultraviolet rays and harmful blue light. HD polarized Technology, can block 99% of glare, and at the same time to give a clear and superior vision of the wearer.

oakley sunglasses

“Unobtainium” mirror leg of non slip cheap rubber material, as well as air filled silicone nose pad used to enhance the comfort of wearing. Three point fit design, increase the stability of their own and to ensure that the lens of the exact optical alignment. Spring hinge. Using high definition optical technology, maximizing restore visible image accuracy.

Sunglass hut Salute classic never fade Oakley Sunglasses

In popular culture, there is an era is unique. That era, Reagan served as president, the “terminator” box office to gain a complete victory, Run-D.M.C. band won the Golden Disc Award, is also in this era, Oakley launched a unique Sunglasses UK outlet series Frogskins Sunglasses, today let sunglass hut together with you to pay tribute to cheap classic.

oakley sunglasses

Oakley brand, founded in 1975 by Jim Jane Nader, have been taking high technology, intelligent, high performance, fashion and known. Frogskins is a flagship fashion discount RETRO SUNGLASSES, in early 1980s the style in this series is the show of the most incisive.

Frogskins cheap series, color its brightness dazzles the eyes, classic retro style, loved by young people. In order to be closer to the UK masses, Oakley sunglasses and a series of fashion brands launched close UK outlet cooperation.

Oakley the latest UK MP3 Sunglasses be published

Oakley UK company recently published online in the new style sunglasses modelling MP3 player, named as Split Thump. With the previous release of the outlet product is different, Split Thump above the headset can be detached. When you don’t want to listen to music, it can be removed, used as an ordinary sunglasses.

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In the UK after the discount, it is very cheap. Currently, Split Thump MP3 player has 512MB, 1GB, 2GB three kinds of capacity. The outer color has dark gray, white and brown color for choice.

Oakley sunglasses UK brand spokesperson filming the latest fashion advertising

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David Beckham has become the international brand Oakley exclusive models, not only in Asia, in Europe and America, worldwide are subject to many fans love, became the first UK online model. Oakley UK discloses to “Urban Street Casual” as the theme of the pictorial, will open at the end of August.

Oakley aspects of the relevant personnel say, David Beckham as UK first discount brand spokesman, will promote the development of the brand in the UK through a variety of cheap activities. Oakley UK is also really looking forward to David Beckham. By a variety of pictorial and story behind, online communicate with FANS.

Oakley launched the new style tactical anti-terrorism Sunglasses

oakley sunglasses
Oakley sunglasses(Global War on Terrorism) product line has recently launched a new cheap tactical sunglasses to commemorate the past ten years and terrorists fighting the soldiers. The series of sunglasses in fact is the use of the new color of the old section of the sunglasses. Today,the newly detrusion SI Flak Jacket XLJ GWOT, conforms to the Z87.1 ANSI bullet proof standard, can resist the high speed, the high quality pellet. In addition, the outlet lens can be used to filter out the wavelength of 400 nm below all the ultraviolet.